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Our founding father's insistence on separation of church & state--was it intended to save the state . . . or preserve the church?

History teaches us that philosophies, no matter how well-intended, tend to founder on excess. Radicals gain control, only to eventually destroy that thing they wished to emplace for the next thousand years. Peter the Hermit, preached crusades and Christian knights marched off to slay Muslims. Now Muslim radicals preach the destruction of all who oppose their dogma.

It's been a few hundred years since Pilgrims (who fled religious persecution) burned witches at Salem stakes, mostly because they skipped church on Sunday. Perhaps those were the kinds of acts, being closer to their day, that our forefathers wanted to avoid; hence let's separate the church from the state. But were their objective to save the church or the state? It might be something to consider as radical fringes are biting at the viability of today's political process.



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November 19, 2012