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The unlimited American sapphire lode controlled by a great English jewelry company engaged in a ruthless struggle with South Africa’s De Beers diamond cartel to see who can place their necklaces and rings and tiaras around the most beautiful necks, fingers, and foreheads of European and Oriental elite.

Set against that tide is an orphan boy from a remote canyon in far-off mountains of the American West; his mother a lovely half-caste, often thought to be a former slave, but strong-willed and self-sufficient with two gold claims of her own; his father a tough prospector and mountain man who, as chance had it, discovered the Yogo sapphire lode—perhaps the greatest gemstone discovery in world history.

Still a youth, Naseby Ringgold is falsely accused of stealing raw sapphire stones from the former mine of his father; he flees into the night with a burning hatred for the English company he believes has “stolen” his birthright.

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Sapphires At War

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