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I'm distressed by the idea of Jane wanting to compete in a man's world. That's the way my wife refers to her growing enchantment in outdoors adventure. The idea infuriates me. I understand that anyone who really is anyone must struggle with everday problems and relationships. I realize love must be learned and earned, and that it can be lost through mistakes or choices made or not made during life. Some might applaud the thought of a lady determined to become her "own woman" in a man's world. Not me. What bothers me is not that my petite wife of more than five decades wants to compete in outdoors proficiency, but where in hell does she, or anyone else, get the idea that all in nature belongs to men?

This book, then, is about two people in love, sharing a life of dreams and adventure -- and growing in the process. In reality, it's about any couple who live and love and share and struggle to achieve the life they wish. What makes this story especially remarkable is how many time this couple fell on their butts while doing so!

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Dance On the Wild Side

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