Non Fiction



Learning To Talk Bear

Safety around bears lies in understanding them

Echoes of Vengeance

Massacre and race riot leads to
vengeance and flight



The Phantom Ghost of Harriet Lou

Nothing is as vital to hunting success as familiararity with elk habits and habitats

Bloody Merchants War

First of two books set amid New Mexico's
Lincoln County War



Dance On the Wild Side

Two people in love, pursuing the life of their dreams amid the wilderness

Lincoln County Crucible

Billy the Kid, John Chism, Pat Garret:
can honesty survive?



My Best Work Is Done At the Office

100 of Roland's best short stories, filled with truth and laced with wit and wisdom

Gunnar's Mine

Gold, greed, innocence, and Colorado mining wars



Chocolate Legs

An entire book about a single Glacier Park grizzly bear

Crisis On the Stinkingwater

Wyoming! Cattle barons and honyockers locked in conflict


Hardcover - $17.95
Softcover - $10.95

Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness

Coffeetable book about the place one Chief of the U.S. Forest Service called "The Crown Jewel of the Wilderness system"



The Silver Yoke

Last book in the
"Valediction For Revenge" series;
payback time for a life filled with
fears about what follows



The Dogged and the Damned

A combat soldier haunted by post traumatic stress disorder wrought by bloody New Guinea battles, pursued by a publicity-hungry sheriff


For Love of Sapphires

First book about the most fabulous gemstone discovery in world history



Sapphires At War

American sapphires and African diamonds go head-to-head in a struggle to dominate world gemstone markets