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God's music is wind soughing through threetops, dove wings whispering at waterholes, the mournful cry of a lost-in-the-fog honker. It's a harmony that became addictive, and carries even into my dotage. Elk music took me to the dance. Bears -- particularly grizzly bears -- keep me dancing.

Grizzlies, you see, are the Marine Band of the animal world. They swagger with the calm indifference of an animal who knows he has nothing left to prove. So why does this John Philip Sousa of wildlife resonance -- an animal who may really believe us superior creatures, but who are in no way reconciled that we are masters -- receive such a bum rap from the planet's most fearsome other creatures ... us?

Good question; not all grizzly bears are Jack the Rippers in fur coats. Perhaps that's the reason for this book.

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Learning To Talk Bear

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