mountain musing

Sometimes, on a mountaintop, I feel like I'm living more in the sky than on the land ...

I wonder if angels feel like they're living in the sky? Do angels even live? Or are they just "there"? If angels do, in fact live, then can they "feel"? And if they do feel, and thus live, and presumedly spend their time winging around the sky, do they ever wonder what it would feel like to live on the land? Which brings us to the next question:

Are there angels living on the land? If so, do they dwell among us? If so, are they incognito? Is it that they're here and we simply don't recognize them? What of Mother Teresa? Mohandis Gandhi? Florence Nightengale?

If there are actually angels dwelling on the land, do those angels regret being land-locked? Is land service a demotion for angels, or a promotion? Gets back to the "angels feeling" question, don't it?

Weighty stuff, this!

Take a look at the background photo accompanying this blog--I'm obviously on a mountaintop, and is it not equally obvious that I'm thinking? Of angels in the sky.

Now the final question: Does thinking of angels make me angelic?

Incidentally, "The Elysium End." my $.99-cent short fiction about an old guy going off to die went up FREE today thru Wednesday on Amazon Kindle.







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