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A monster has been unleashed! I now have 13 e-books listed on my Amazon Kindle page with more to come!



Yet another e-book--"Dance On the Wild Side"--will be offered between Christmas and New Years, and a second--"My Best Work Is Done At The Office"--will be available shortly thereafter.

"Dance On the Wild Side" is the story of Jane's and my life, from first sightings as kids-next-door, marrying too young, having children too soon, serving for over 20 years as outfitters and guides in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and all the while, learning to love each other by becoming a hell of a team! Wild animals? Yes! Wild rivers? Yes! Wild country? Absolutely! Tough weather? Frightenly so! Near death at times from runaway horses, runaway trucks, fractious people. Near the end of our tether? At times!

Did we come out at the end?

Actually, "Dance On the Wild Side" is great reading. It's the story of every man and woman over forty who worked and sacrificed to make a "Life", instead of just a living; especially a couple who, along the way, became a TEAM.

Try "Dance On the Wild Side." You'll like it.

Oh yeah, for all you new Kindle owners--and old Kindles, too--"Echoes of Vengeance," the first book in my Western series went up FREE yesterday on Roland Cheek's Kindle page. The FREE promotion will run through Fri, Dec. 28. To view:








Roland Cheek is a gifted writer with a knack for clarifying reality
- Carl Hanner e-mail

Roland's craft is on display on his website where you can read the first chapter of each of his books:
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His titles can be found wherever books are sold. Much of the guy's works are also available as e-books at Amazon's Kindle store:
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