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It's through stories that readers get inside characters and learn along with them. It's enjoyable--that kind of learning. And miraculous!



"There are, I suppose, febrile savants who reject any notion that a person can acquire the writing art outside those hallowed halls of academia. Yet storytellers captured audiences for millenniums before Oxford or Harvard were more than forest enclaves where wild turnips sprout."

That's the opening paragraph in my "About Roland" bio on my website.

There's more in the my counter-culture rebuttal aimed at a literary establishment who is pointedly disdainful of anyone presuming to tell stories via writing outside their comfortable inner circle. For an expanded version of the "About Roland" bio, click on

Meanwhile, "Dance On the Wild Side," the story of Jane's and my adventures from teenage love through outfitters' life should be available on Amazon Kindle's Roland Cheek page--it was uploaded to them "ready to go" a week ago. Keep checking.

Check, too, for "My Best Work Is Done At The Office." I'll upload that tomorrow. Should be ready for e-book sale in a week. Then you can really gawk at my bonafides as a storyteller.

By the way, wanna see my office?







Roland Cheek is a gifted writer with a knack for clarifying reality
- Carl Hanner e-mail

Roland's craft is on display on his website where you can read the first chapter of each of his books:
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His titles can be found wherever books are sold. Much of the guy's works are also available as e-books at Amazon's Kindle store:
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