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Everyone seems to agree that I'm a man of "tinction." Debate only begins with the proper prefix joining it: "dis" or "ex"



Am I the only one with prefix problems? Obviously changing a couple of letters has a decidely different effect; either I'm fading into the sunset with EX-tinction, or on a rising tide with DIS-tinction.

But how about "extend" or "distend"? The first definition of each given in my dictionary appears the same: distend 1. to expand by stretching; extend 1. to stetch or draw out. I don't know whether to claim a DIS-tended or EX-tended waistline as a result of the holidays.

On the other other hand, consider the quandry involved in prefixing "fect". Real confusion, that's what it is! I've always had trouble with AF-fect and EF-fect. What is the EF-fect or AF-fect on our marriage of my DIS-tended or EX-tended waistline? Will it be AF-fected or EF-fected.

One can easily see I have a decided DE-fect when it comes to understanding AF-fect or EF-fect, say what?

Understanding prefixes can be a conundrum. I hope I'll be EN-abled enough to do so, instead of being so disabled as to fly beyond my able-ITY.

These are the kinds of thoughts coming from my office . . .







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