The Termagant! Have you ever seen anything so terrifying?


mountain musing

The lady replied to my latest blog -- just as I knew she would. Termagants are so-o-o predictable



Her email:

"THANK YOU. I'm so flattered. Now I know why you wouldn't check me for ticks on that first trip" (that's a whole 'nother story, and if there's sufficient interest I may someday tell how the "sweet young thing" humiliated me beyond redemption). But back to Lene:

"You are still as charming as ever, and such a wizard with words. I'm sure it took you months, maybe years . . . to find the right word to describe me as a Termagant. (Not so, it leaped right to mind) After Lee (husband) and I looked it up and laughed till we got side stitches we forwarded it to Leigh (daughter who at age 12 was along for the float fishing trip) and she said that you 'pegged it' with that description of me. I can really feel the love."

Yeah, right! Then she adds:

"Can't wait to see you and Jane again!"

(Continue to pray for me!)




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