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mountain musing

All my life I've waited until I could acquire necessary experience. Now I find experience is what's left after everything else is gone



One should not confuse "experience" with "enlightenment." Neither does it "embody" "encouragement" or "endorsement." But it may well be "enchanting" to the point it "ensnares." one with one's own "embellished" "enormity."

No, "experience," in my experience, most often leads me to "engage" in "egocentric" behavior that sometimes "entangles" me in idiotic "enigmatic"and"embarrassing" but "enchanting" "embodiments" of "eccentric" and "egotistic" efforts to stumble toward an "English" "end zone" that either "exacerbates," "exaggerates," or exasperates any feeble attributes I may have thought I had for lo! these many decades.

But let's return to, and perhaps focus on, the "experience" I have left. Before we do, however, I have this strange feeling that the word "encephalitis" should be reviewed. My dictionary defines encephalitis as:

1. inflammation of the substance of the brain. 2. Sleeping Sickness.

I rest my case.




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