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It's one of the most stunning and well-known cliff formations in all the world--certainly dwarfing that cheap Oriental imitation they laughingly call the "Great Wall."









The centerfold of my coffeetable book, Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness,





displays many of the 30-miles of the towering cliff formation that snakes along the the Continental Divide. Rain falling on the sloping west side of the "Chinese Wall" feeds into the Pacific Ocean; waters to the east flows to the Atlantic.

Well known wildlife and western artist Tom Saubert painted the original. My son Marc and I served as his models. The scene depicted is at the Wall's north end, at Larch Hill Pass. I've been there dozens--perhaps hundreds--of times.

Tom was along on a hunting trip with my old Skyline Outfit guide service. Since the area east of the Chinese Wall lies within the Sun River Game Preserve, we'd obviously taken a day off from hunting to visit this cherished landmark.

So went another tough day at my long-ago office.





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