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In order to best understand this post, you may wish to take a look at my previous Mounain Musing: "Trapped Schoolkids"

I was sucked in by Jeff's tsunami tale and purported rescue role. And I wasn't alone.



Jeff Chelmo lives in a small fishing village on Alaska's Chichagof Island. He says some of the locals describe Hoonah "as a crappy little authentic Alaska fishing village."

Jeff said a Montana friend called to enquire about a recent earthquake, so, as an ice-breaker, the Alaskan made up the story of the schoolhouse rescue and sent it along to family and friends. Jeff said 80 percent of them believed it, including his local newspaper! Jeff added, "It created so much attention I thought you would like to be involved."

Then he wrote: "I very much enjoy you and your writing, and admire your campfire skills. Both stories and root wads [pitch filled firewood]. . . .

"My neighbor is mid-seventies. Moved here four years ago from Arizona. He is remarkably similar to you in wildlife observation skills and I have told him of you. Am getting him several of your books and will get him on your blog. His experience is fishing and brown bears. I am richer for knowing you both."

Jeff Chelmo. Great guy, master wood craftsman, former dentist (until his thumb went head-to-head with a table saw), full-time adventurer, with a real-time zest for life.

I can't deny that Jeff took me in with his heartwarming "creative writing 101" rescue story--as happened with a bunch of others of his friends. Still, the story is evocative as an example of excellence in craft, and deserves more light and less critique, especially from ones such as me.

Well done, buddy






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