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Hang around long enough and even somebody trying to blend with the woodwork will stand out:

"Have you noticed that guy in the light blue coat?"" Jane asked, jerking her thumb toward a man who lounged near the corner of our booth, staring across the aisle.



We were attending a sport & vacation show at the Astro Hall in Houston. I discreetly appraised the guy: Average height and weight. Tastefully dressed, nothing gaudy. No gold earrings, either. "What about him?"

"He's been hanging around a lot. I asked him if I could help, but he said no. I think he was here earlier in the week, too."

Just then a well-dressed couple sauntered to the booth, the woman's spike heels clicking on the concrete. The man asked about elk hunting, and as I launched into what had by now developed into routine, I noticed the man in the blue coat edging nearer. But when I later had a chance to talk to him, he was turning to leave.

Two hours later he strode directly to the counter where I laid out brochures. "Yes?" I said.

"I'd like to schedule a hunting trip," the man said. Believing his opening was a request for information about our hunts I launched into my well-practiced spiel. But I trailed off when he pulled a checkbook from his inner jacket pocket and said, "How much do I make the check out for?"

Stunned, I said, "Don't you even want to hear about our hunts before you make out that check?"

He smiled. "I already know. I've been standing around listening to you talk to other people. I was here earlier in the week, too. I'm impressed with you people and believe you're offering exactly the kind of elk hunt I've dreamed about for years. You seem honest. You make no claims except that you'll work very hard to get a hunter an elk. You've always told the same story to everyone. Now I'd like to schedule a trip with you."

I told Alex Tully's story in my book, "Dance On the Wild Side," along with a bunch of tales about those actual hunts. The book is available in both paper and as an e-book. Click:






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