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My new website is up and running -- at last.

For the most part!

There may be a couple of bugs that have yet to rear up and bite me on the popo. But overall I'm pleased with the effect.



I would, however, like feedback from my readers. Not so much what you like about the new site, but ways you think it might be improved.

There's a comment box with a feedback loop at the bottom of the "home" page, Feel free to comment, criticize, or just say hello to Roland & Jane.

It's safe to tell you that we've put months on development of the new site, ably assisted throughout the process by my friend and computer guru, Bill Lepper -- without whom our dreams could've never seen the light of day.

Then there was a cute, readheaded young lady who lives just down the road. Sharilyn Fairweather did most of the Dreamweaver layout, following my design guidelines. Without her it would've been much more difficult to reach what you see today.

Now I plan to turn to yet another cute young lady, Maria Phelps, who's standing by to work on Search Engine Optimization, which I hope will make this new website stand out should a browser from Poughkeepsie want to learn about grizzly bears, elk, wolves, or any other creatures roaming our western mountains.

Or perhaps they can learn why I write historical Westerns, or why I love wife, wilderness, and adventure -- not necessarily in that order.

Anyway, check out my new website.






Roland Cheek is a gifted writer with a knack for clarifying reality
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